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You might think my intelligent Flora is just fantasy, even before I add the AI.

Botanical computing is being studied now, but plants were always a lot smarter than we've given them credit for.

If you don't believe that I stick to the laws of physics, chemistry and biology in all my novels,

if this one is that stretch too far, I recommend BRILLIANT GREEN by Stefano Mancuso and Alessandra Viola.


I am also mildly aggrieved that the fact below was published in NEW SCIENTIST (my magazine of choice)

the day after I put GreensWard out there. 



Roots of many plants have light receptors, and now we may have discovered why.

The receptors seem to channel light directly underground using stems as fibre-optic cables,

which may signal to roots where and when to grow (Science Signaling, DOI:10.1126/scisignal.aaf6530)


Nature always has had the best imagination. Hope you like how I played Her game.




 GreensWard takes the reader Home, to the brave new world of once upon a time where happy ever afters are fairytales. The BreadCrumbs of myth may contain enough truth to map a path but SleepingBeauty has Hedged the cosmos with thorns,
Evolution and intelligence have waved the magic wand that gives us the voices of Flora, of Fairy, of Roach, of Rebirthed, of Robot, and our heroes are modern humans and future folk, wearing the crown of BriarRose, armed only with poisoned apples tor rescue the SleepingBeauty and the Beast. 
It is a battle for Earth and the far stars, but it can only be fought within fairystories. 


What if all Hansel-and-Gretels’ history was Fairytales and all their maps home Breadcrumbs?


What if SnowWhite had eaten of the Poisoned Apples?  


What if Sleeping Beauty lay captive to the 100-year Hedge? 


But What if the Spindle of the Rose was still winding? 


Dare the exiles return to a long-devastated Earth they abandoned­ for millennia only to GreensWard?