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This is a novella for teenagers and above.

It has dinosaurs and pictures, humans and aliens, but don't let your kids read it if you want them to become crusaders, jihadis, freedom-fighters or terrorists. Religious beliefs are challenged, gender stereotypes inverted, even liberation questioned.

Are predators more logical and sensible or does human sensibility contribute superior flexibility and creativity? And does anyone from Earth have what it takes to impress aliens with the planet's worth?

If you've ever wondered what the world might look like if the asteroid had not impacted 65mya, here's a possibility.

Inspired by the battles for faith and dominance across the world in 2016, I hope eNRaPTuReD nudges towards fact-checking potential liars rather than just going with your feelings in a post-truth era.

 Rowney Marshal





eNRaPTuReD has a cultured dinosaur kingdom under attack from within, subject to human slave uprisings powered by religious fervour, owing their dominance not merely to brawn but brain, not to mention the alien knowledge they stole aeons ago. The battle, as always, is for hearts and minds, and both sides end up putting their faith in the young man, Krkrp, alive on royal sufferance, raised to power by royal oath, subject to royal whim, but surviving on his wits and bringing foes into alliance. Can he keep them together when they need to unite to save their world from cosmic challenges?





What if 65mya the asteroid missed and humanity grew up scurrying amid the legs of predatory giant lizards?

What if BambiRaptor,  the dinosaur with opposable thumbs, had enough intelligence to steal alien knowledge and rise to global dominance?

What if the genus Homo were no more than useful slaves to the ruling class?

But what if human belief that the ancient aliens were gods empowered revolutionary insurgency?


Is their messianic leader a mere mouthpiece of the monsters who raised him?

will he save his kin from persecution?

or does deliverance depend on those



 iNRa PToRReD ?