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In order of writing, the novels are TerraRise, PsycheSomatic and I-Mage which comprise TRIAGE I-III, RiskAVerse, AmuseMeant, MeMoreAble and, in 2013, the long short story, ReCreation and the short novel, AbHomininAble 'sNoMan. 2014 only just saw the publication of MythICull and in 2015 comes a (slight) departure, the 10th offering is for young people, KinDread. WondrUs was the first of 2016, in November I brought you GreensWard and for the winter holidays, and not at all in the spirit of the season, I'm adding another dinosaur-inhabited novella for young people, eNRaPTuReD.
Each story takes place in a different world, adjacent to this one. You might meet some of the same cohabitants of the cosmos across the novels, but only the same characters in the trilogy, so (with the exception perhaps of I-Mage, which draws on TerraRise and PsycheSomatic) they all stand alone and don’t need to be read in any order.

In the 3 versions comprising TRIAGE, there are worlds behind the one you know, inhabited by covert hominid cousins, fighting our impact for survival of their species and the planet. 

In RiskAVerse, 500 years from now, the planet impels AI’s and humans to go a-Viking again, but this time the swanspath is through the heavens. 

AmuseMeant tackles life, death and alien invasion in a world where the Roman Empire never converted to Christianity, but narrative lives forever.

MeMoreAble is a playful reaction to current Mayan doomsday expectations, offering a full-scale apocalypse that’s only avoidable through self-fulfilling prophecy and time travel.

ReCreation jumps bland humanity into futurespace, finds enemies within and without, and tests our species' creativity to make the next leap.

AbHomininAble 'sNoMan brings yeti myths to life, but then they wrote a different legend for themselves and us.

MythICull is a post-Flood world run by collective human/AI, with rebels and mutants and robots, needing new stories to live by.

KinDread reveals humanity's relatives, from home or away, to a couple of special kids, whose insights challenge Earth's whole definition of family.

WondrUs paces the cages of human emotions and liberates the ferocious beast within, opposed by the other hominid species, whose misdiagnosis of the problem leaves the cure worse than the disease and the saving miracle beyond the stars.

GreensWard blossoms through SleepingBeauty as HanselandGretels return and deal with the Beast left by the WickedWitch we were.

eNRaPTuReD has clever lizards, enslaved humans, revolutions and religions, aliens and asteroids, all effecting the fate of the planet in a short novel for young people. 




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TRIAGE I:        
reatment of Rampant Individualism
Against Global Extinction

What if original humans hadn’t managed to wipe out all of their hominid cousins?

What if they had lived on in secret?

What if they had been resigned to the safety of presumed extinction?

But what if they could no longer ignore the threat of Homo sapiens to the entire planet?

The long night of the War on Terror draws to a close.

TerraRise Dawns now!

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Rampant Iconoclasm Subverts Klimt
Art & Viking Exodus Risks Saga’s End  

What if you were an iconoclast in a perfect world? 

What if antique art was transfigured into abhominable atrocity? 

What if the gods’ divination casts you as a perpetrator? 

But what if their chief suspects are also mankind’s last best hope?   

When there are no more safe bets, Cosmic dice roll Viking sagas.  

Would you Dare


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Radical Errant Champions Realize Embossed Archetypal Traceries Inflate Opposing Nullities 

What if humanity’s addiction to star trekking started wrecking the cosmos? 

What if quixotic inventors turned knight protectors had been dishonourable honourably?

What if tamed people retained bliss through ignorance?

But what if memory returned with a vengeance?

When there's no refuge from knowledge, no respite through initiative, no relief in recreation, 

Brave bodies rise to ReCreation.          

Click here for DropBox link to prc, pdf, html formats of ReCreation





What if some of earth’s dinosaurs had escaped extinction on another planet?

What if the descendants of Bambiraptor wanted to come home?

What if the only folk to greet them were two kids, a ghost and a dog?

But what if the lizards came with their superior alien family?


If you think your relatives are dreadful,

The return of our ancient predatory cousins might just fill you with cosmic KinDread


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What if 65mya the asteroid missed and humanity grew up scurrying amid the legs of predatory giant lizards?

What if BambiRaptor,  the dinosaur with opposable thumbs, had enough intelligence to steal alien knowledge and rise to global dominance?

What if the genus Homo were no more than useful slaves to the ruling class?

But what if human belief that the ancient aliens were gods empowered revolutionary insurgency?


Is their messianic leader a mere mouthpiece of the monsters who raised him?

will he save his kin from persecution?

or does deliverance depend on those



 iNRa PToRReD ?

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TRIAGE II:      
reatment of Rampant Individualism
Against Global Extinction

What if extraterrestrials monitoring humanity determined that we were a threat?

What if they decided the species was not intelligent, but bad?

What if the only humans they could communicate with were the clinically mad?

But what if the fate of the planet was in the minds of the insane?

Imagination is no longer enough.

Earth needs the


click here to download free ebook of PSYCHESOMATIC (prc file ending is Mobipocket)



A Muse-Used Soul Entertains
Manuscripts’ End As Names Transcend 

What if you were the resentful narrator to the gods?

What if your punishment was for your very self to be rewritten by illiterates?

What if their stories wouldn’t end?

But what if you remained the author?
Death muses on becoming until it becomes


Click here for link to DropBox pdf, prc, htm versions of AMuseMeant


AbHomininAble ’sNoMan

lternative Historysong Antiphon: Nemesis Metamorphoses

What if risible myths turned out to be covert facts?

What if suppressed histories challenged humanity to a new view of itself?

What if seeing was better than believing?

But what if we’d already failed our sight test?

When the snowman is neither abominable nor hominin,

Let the alien inside humanity

Beware that  AbHomininAble ’sNoMan

Click here to DropBox link to prc, pdf, html formats of AbHomininAble sNoMan



What if the other humanoid races caged aggressive Man for centuries? 

What if they didn’t Learn? 

What if their World War even touched the heavens?  

But What if the Cure was worse than the disease?


If Earth needs Choleric Humours,

Can Humanities rise above themselves

and become WondrUs?

Click here for link to Dropbox - 3 versions,.prc,.pdf,.html



reatment of Rampant Individualism
Against Global Extinction


What if you had a quantum computer that could access your alternate lives in parallel universes?

What if your planet was under threat from within and without?

What if you couldn’t trust even your nearest and dearest?

But what if only you knew the rules of the game that could save them all?

The gauntlet is down.

Will you rise to the challenge of

I-Mage and play?

click here to download free ebook of I-MAGE (prc file ending is Mobipocket)



Monster Evoking
Memory Oppresses Reality’s Echoes
Apocalyptically Boding Legends’ Escaping  

What if you were no more than a brain but the fate of the world was on your shoulders? 

What if you couldn’t tell memory from fantasy, monsters from friends? 

What if your time was of the essence but only to history? 

But what if you could prophesy for the past?  

Times future manipulate times past transforming memorable into 


Click here for link to DropBox pdf, prc, html versions of MeMoreAble



Mote-Ifs  of the ChAIm Era

What if, after the Great Flood drowned the world, the only intelligence that could save humanity was artificial?

What if AI logic dictated the need to Improve upon the dominant species?

What if Faerie tails evolve with triumphant imagination?

But what if the enhanced were rejected by the originals? 


When the old tales don’t tell,

The word that counts spells  MythICull.

Click here for DropBox link to prc, html, pdf versions of MythICull


What if all Hansel-and-Gretels’ history was Fairytales and all their maps home  Breadcrumbs?

What if SnowWhite had eaten of the Poisoned Apples? 


What if Sleeping Beauty lay captive to the 100-year Hedge?


But What if the Spindle of the Rose was still winding?



Dare the exiles return to a long-devastated Earth

they abandoned­ for millennia

only to  GreensWard?

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